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How to draw a proposal

General Guidelines for drawing up a proposal for CIA modification

  1. Upon deciding to make a proposal, keep in mind that you can only prepare ONE proposal PER TOPIC. This excludes “packet proposals” that contain all sorts of changes about too many different things. They cannot be accepted.
  2. You may use the Proposal Kit (you will need WinZip or WinRar to open it), which we have already prepared for you.
  3. Trace all the relevant parts of the CIA that are related to the change you want to bring about with your proposal. Read very carefully these parts of the CIA.
  4. Make sure that the change you want to propose is not something already mentioned in the CIA. In case you have doubts, ask the Juridical Commission to inform you.
  5. Copy and paste these parts on a separate Word Sheet. Put your name and the name of the proposal you are about to draw, as title for this document.
  6. Trace carefully the articles/sections, sentences/phrases that you would like to change.
  7. When you want to delete a phrase, use the “ strike-through” effect from the FONTS function of your computer.
  8. If you want to add OR replace a deleted phrase/word with a new one, just write down the new word/phrase and underline it OR set it in bold characters OR use a different colour to indicate the suggested change.
  9. Go on like this, with the rest of the parts that you want to change.
  10. When you finish check out again your proposal. Is this what you wanted?
  11. Don’t forget to add a short paragraph as “Introduction” to your proposal, in which you will explain the reasons why you believe that the current CIA parts should change, and also the ways in which the Association will benefit from this change, in case it is accepted by the Agora.
  12. Send it to the Juridical Commission ( AND the Secretary General of AEGEE Europe ( within the set deadline!