Commissions of AEGEE-Europe

Below you find the links to the webpages of the commissions of AEGEE-Europe and a short description of their work.

  • Audit Commission

    The Audit Commission audits the finances of the association and advises the Financial Director and the Agora accordingly.

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  • Chair

    The Chair organises the statutory meetings of AEGEE (Agora & EBM) together with the Secretary General and the organising local. The Chair is responsible for the content of the statutory meetings and leads them.

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  • Juridical Commission

    The Juridical Commission verifies the conformity of the statutes of each AEGEE local with the guidelines defined by AEGEE-Europe, verifies signatures of the Convention d'Adhésion and integrates and deposes the modifications of the Statutes adopted by the AGORA. In addition it presents a report during the AGORA.

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  • Members Commission

    The Members Commission is acting in all cases disputes between members of AEGEE-Europe (locals, Commissions, AEGEE Working Groups) and responsible for making decisions in almost all cases, which may lead to disciplinary sanctions against the ordinary member. As a result of investigation the Members Commission can suggest tranctions (including expulsion of a local from the Network) to be applied by the Comité Directeur and after by ratification by the Agora.

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  • Network Commission

    The Network Commission of AEGEE-Europe is one of the most mobile and active bodies of AEGEE-Europe. Its task is to keep the core of the network together - the antennae. In this sense, they are the ones that will pay you a visit or communicate with you if you have problems. They are there to "Serve and Protect".

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