+Announcement+ Statutes of Locals

Dear Network,

We would like to inform you, that the Juridical Commission will start gathering the Statutes of every local in the Network during the following weeks.

As you might know, the CIA states that every AEGEE Local must submit their Statutes to the Juridical Commission for their approval, each time they are modified by the Local Agora or when originally redacted.
Unfortunately, this rule is unknown for many Locals , therefore our database is lacking. Taking this on account we have decided, with the support of the Network Commission, to collect all the Statutes in order to contribute to the well management of the Association.

As the criterium clearly states, the Statutes are to be submitted in English, as well as in the original language. We kindly recommend you start the translation of Your statutes into English.

We want to remind you that the English translation of your Statutes does not have to be official and notary-approved document. The members of your Local can translate it and if you need any help, you are welcome to contact us.

Legally yours,
Jesús, Monika and Veronika
Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe

++ Research results publication++

Dear Network,

First of all, we would like to wish you all happy holidays full of joy and, of course, gifts. In case you feel like you are still missing something, we have one more gift for you.

As you might know, during Autumn Agora Catania the Juridical Commission was called upon via a motion to make a research on the legal admissibility of the motion „Transparency in the CD decisions: CD appointed positions“.
Today we proudly present you the outcomes of this research in form of a research paper, which can be found here.

The document contains all necessary information and explanations, but in case you have any questions or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us.

Legally yours,

Jesús, Monika and Veronika
Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe

Documents used:
Directive of the European Union on Data protection
The General Data Protection Regulation
The Charter of Fundamental rights
Data Privacy Policy Statement of AEGEE-Europe

++ New CIA Edition 28.1 ++

Dear Network,

It is our utmost pleasure to present you the latest edition of the Corpus Iuridicium Aegeense.
In the General Rules you can find the statutes and regulation of AEGEE-Europe with the proposals approved at the Autumn Agora Catania 2017. The most updated working formats of the Commissions, Committees and Working Groups are in the Working Formats Compilation. In the List of Motions are included all the motions since 2011, that are in the online system.

We address our warmest gratitude to all the members, who dedicated their time and put efforts to improve the CIA together with us. You can find the document in the new, refreshed version. Also all the grammar mistakes and discrepancies have been fixed, therefore the CIA is more consistent now

We hope that the new CIA will be inspiration for your activities, plans and challenges in AEGEE for the upcoming year!

Legally yours,

Jesús,Monika and Veronika
Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe

New Sub-Commissioners Team. Welcome to the JC

It is with great pleasure to announce that a new team of subcommissioners has been formed.

Their names are:

Luke Peerdeman (AEGEE-Nijmegen)

Salvatore Maraventano (AEGEE-Palermo)

Monika Mojak (AEGEE-Lublin)

They will assist the Juridical Commission for the term till Autumn Agora Cagliari 2014.

We hope in a fruitful cooperation and whish them the best from this experience.

Juridical Commission

Claudio, Glòria, Joris

New Sub-commissioners team

Dear Network!

We are happy to inform you that in the course of fruitful application period, four members of our Association were selected for the new subcommissioners team and will help and assist the Juridical Commission in its work for the term till Autumn Agora Zaragoza 2013!

Their names are:

–          Claudio Gennaro (AEGEE-Agrigento)

–          Gloria Llopart (AEGEE-Heidelberg)

–          Ilona Pukailak (AEGEE-Odesa)

–          Joris Veenhuis (AEGEE-Maastricht)

New CIA edition 24.0

Dear Network!

Herewith, we are glad to present you and publish new version of the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense edition 24.0 which comprises all the latest modifications approved in the course of the Spring Agora Rheign-Neckar 2013!

Updated Codification can be found and downloaded here.

Availing this opportunity, we would like to stress that this as any other published version of the Codification would not be possible without your contribution and concern.

Remember, only you and your efforts to make our association better MAKE DIFFERENCE! MAKE CHANGES!

We thank all members and delegates for their fruitful cooperation during Agora Rhein-Neckar 2013 and are waiting for new developments from your side.

We hand you in the gold we have and polish. Do not misuse it!

JC Activity Report

The Activity Report of the Juridical Commission for the period Agora Budapest – Agora Rhein-Neckar is now LIVE! You may download the file from here.

Automatic On-line Submission of Proposals

Dear Network,

As it was published on 07.01 the Open call for proposals for Agora Rhein-Neckar has been announced. The deadline for submission is 17.02.2013.

Thanks to the efforts and devotion of George Dimitrakopoulos and Manos Valasis as well as the rest of the members of ITC, today we are happy to present you and launch the automatic on-line submission proposals system!
Thus, from now on, in order to submit a proposal, you have to use the OMS of AEGEE, JC Module, which can be found here. You may check also the instructions given.

The procedure is divided into two parts and consists of: 
1. Preliminary submission; 
2. Final submission of the proposal.

1. Preliminary submission. The system works on a real time basis, giving an opportunity to accomplish all necessary steps indicated in the instruction module mentioned above, make a final check of the proposed change and finish the submission procedure at any time till the official deadline announced. This means, that you can work on and develop your proposal through the whole submission proposals period, having possibility to save all previous steps made, start the process of submission from the very saved point, as well as go back and insert all needed changes.
2. Final submission is a confirmation command in order to finalize the work done and save it in the system. After the proposer made a final submission of the proposal, the respective text of the last becomes visible to the Juridical Commission, which makes a research on its correspondence to the CIA rules and common practices employed. After the check is done, the JC confirms the proposal, stating its positive or negative recommendations, or rejects it, giving corresponding explanations about.

We remind you that more detailed information on the system you can find here.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via juridical@aegee.org

Legally yours,
Juridical Commission


Dear Network,

Even though it is a couple of hours, which separate us from the new 2013, we from the Juridical Commission feel anxious to surprise you! Thus, we have the pleasure to publish the new 23.1 edition of the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense, comprising of the latest approved modifications from the last Agora, held in the beautiful city of Budapest! You may find your copy here. We do really hope it won’t disturb you right before the celebration, as for the presents are traditionally given in the mornings. Continue reading “CIA 23.1 OUT NOW!”

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

“I am the Ghost of Christmas Present,” said the Spirit. “Look upon me!”

Dear AEGEE Network!

Herewith, availing this opportunity, we would like to thank you for the year we had all together! A year of challenges we came through with persistent “NEVER GIVE UP” smile! A year of great, funny moments! A year of endless, “everywhere you look around” AEGEE friendship spirit! The spirit which lights up bright ideas and uncovers best side of us! 

Happy little Christmas, dears!!! Happy New Year to come! Let it jingle success to all our plans and doings! Let it welcomes all the steps we make forward and never stop!

“Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas.”

Dale Evans Rogers said it! We confirm it! Thus, it’s undeniable true 🙂

Legally Yours,

Juridical Commission