Dear Network,

Even though it is a couple of hours, which separate us from the new 2013, we from the Juridical Commission feel anxious to surprise you! Thus, we have the pleasure to publish the new 23.1 edition of the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense, comprising of the latest approved modifications from the last Agora, held in the beautiful city of Budapest! You may find your copy here. We do really hope it won’t disturb you right before the celebration, as for the presents are traditionally given in the mornings.

This edition is very important for us, partly because we put a lot of efforts to elaborate it, but mainly – we have included our passion and part of our hearts to implement something, which we believe will be in great use for our beloved Association. And now it is our honour to hand it to you.

Additionally, I would like to stress out our concerns for the printed versions, which sometimes consist of unnecessary huge amount of paper, thus making them not really environmental friendly. The present edition is the first to exceed the psychological level of 100 pages, but we believe that you may lower down the printed papers, via our new webpage, where you may find a dissection of all texts of the CIA. Please, print only the documents, you may find useful!

We are very confident that you will use this important document wisely and that you will enjoy reading it as much as we did when implementing all the necessary changes.

May the new year bring you only happiness and joyful moments with your closest persons!

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