The Juridical Commission is looking for subcommissioners!

Dear all,

Now that the Agora is over and we have a new team starting up, we’re looking for some support in the form of new subcommissioners! (the elections have left our pool of subcommies thoroughly depleted)

So if you are:
– (or have been) a law student
– comfortable with legal English
– willing to help us & do some serious work for AEGEE
then join us!

Why you should do it?
– You will make sure our internal rules and procedures are being
followed and changes will be clearly worded, effective and
understandable for all
– You can supervise elections (isn’t that exciting?)
– We’re a fun, international team who does very real, very practical
work that will improve AEGEE in the long run. A good first step on the
European Level and a good way to improve your skills in legal thinking
and advising.

Forgot what the JC does?

To apply send us an email ( before the 17th of
June with your name and local and:
– A letter of motivation focused on your interest of being involved in
the JC and
– A short essay [max 300 words] ‘JC in the AEGEE organisational structure’

Looking forward to hear from you,

Legally yours,

Gloria, Claudio, Diana & Joris
Juridical Commission (current and next)

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