EBM Reform

On the Agora Skopje 2011 the concept of the European Boards’ Meeting was changed. The purpose was revised, the number of the participants is tangibly decreased and even the agenda is restricted. Moreover, the name is a subject of discussion. This reform proves to be one of the substantial ones in the AEGEE history.

The present Juridical Commission (under the co-ordination of Atanas Nachkov) has developed a document, where the old regulations are compared with the new ones and the introduced changes are described. Our aims are to help the organizers of EBM-Izmir with the preparation and try to answer the questions coming from the AEGEE Network.

You can find the document in the Resources Section or download it directly:

[button link=”http://www.commissions.aegee.org/jurcom/wp-content/uploads/EBM-Reform.pdf” type=”icon”] EBM Reform from Autumn Agora Skopje 2011[/button]

We would like to thank to JC Mafia, namely Emmanouil Valasis, Alexianne Galea, Mirjam Dickmeis and Dawid Sierzant for their help and especially to Edouard Mougin for his comprehensive reply. And at last but not least, we would also like to thank to Thomas Leszke for his response and contribution!