Open calls

The Juridical Commission announces the following Open calls:




1. For Positions:

  • Four Members of the Comité Directeur (01 September 2012 – 31 August 2013)

  • President of AEGEE-Europe

  • Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe

  • Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe

  • Audit Commission: Elections for the 3 members of the Audit Commission for the term until the next Agora.

  • Juridical Commission: Elections for the 2 members of the Juridical Commission for the term until the next Spring Agora.

  • Members Commission: Elections for the 4 members of the Members Commission for the term until the next Agora.

  • Secretary of the Agora: Elections for the Secretary of the Agora for a period of one ordinary Agora.

  • Network Commissioner: 6 members of the Network Commission for the term until the next spring Agora

All CANDIDATES have to fill in the ONLINE candidature application form which can be found at :

You will receive an e-mail about the status of your application.

The deadline to submit your candidature is set at MARCH 25th 2012, 23.59 CET. On the following week they will be published.

If after that time there are less candidates than places for a certain position, the deadline will be extended until the opening of the Agora for this certain position and will not be closed in case the amount of places for that certain position is reached within the extended deadline.

Then, after 20th April 2012 the online system will be closed and you will can candidate ONLY by approaching directly the Juridical Commission at the Agora.


2. For Proposals

We invite all capable Members and Organs of AEGEE-Europe to submit new proposals to the Juridical Commission using the following email address :

Proposals should be delivered in editable “.doc” format (not .pdf).

All proposals are subject to verification and approval by the Juridical Commission.

Applicants will receive an email about the status of their proposal.

Deadline for submitting new proposals is 11th of March 2012, 23:59 CET.

You can find a Proposal Kit in the Resource Section, which will help you to prepare your proposals in the necessary format.