Open call for Proposals Explanation

We would like to remind that the Open call for proposals for the upcoming Agora Enshede has already been announced. The deadline to submit them is 11th of March 2012. Proposals after the deadline will not be accepted!

We would also like to inform you that we are always open for your questions and you can rely on our guidance. Moreover, on the following link you may find a guideline how to convert your idea into a discussable and ready-to-include in the CIA text:

Take into consideration that changes in the CIA need a special form and we will not approve them, if all the requisites are not covered. You may find an example of acceptable proposal in the Resource section of our webpage (click on Patterns):

In case you need additional assistance, you might have one of our Subcommissioners appointed, who will facilitate this process and insure the outcome of your proposal. He or she will guide you and will help you finish the text in the applicable form, which we need. We highly recommend you this opportunity to ease your work and save time and efforts!