Application Reminder

Dear prospective applicants,

We would like to remind you that the deadline to submit your candidatures for the open positions on Agora Enschede is March 25th 23:59 CET. The address to apply is

Note that it is favourable to candidate with your Intranet account. This will allow you to edit your application after the deadline as well as to protect it from any violations by mischief-makers.

Should you have any questions, we shall always assist you with your application!

[box type=”info”] The following positions are open for candidatures:

Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe

Member of the Audit Commission

Member of the Comité Directeur

Member of the Juridical Commission

Member of the Members Commission

Member of the Network Commission

President of AEGEE-Europe

Secretary General of AEGEE-Europe

Secretary of the Agora[/box]

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