About the JC

The Juridical Commission of AEGEE-Europe is one of the four commissions of AEGEE. Its main tasks and its composition are described in the CIA (Article 28 of the Statutes).

The Juridical Commission consists of four people:

  • Three AEGEE members with legal knowledge elected by the Agora,
  • One observer/advisor appointed by the Comité Directeur out of its members.

At least three nationalities have to be represented in the Juridical Commission. The President of the Juridical Commission will be the member elected by the Agora having the largest number of votes. The three members elected by the Spring Agora are in charge for the period starting the 1st of August and finishing on the 31st of July the following year. They can be re-elected.

The Juridical Commission must (Art. 28(3)):

  1. Assist the Comité Directeur and the Agora,
  2. Verify the conformity of the Statutes of each AEGEE local with the model defined by AEGEE-Europe and the application of the Statutes,
  3. Verify the signatures of the Convention d’Adhésion,
  4. Integrate the modifications of the Statutes adopted by the Agora,
  5. Present a report during the Agora via its President.

Additionally the following other tasks are found in the CIA:

  1. One of the members of the Juridical Commission is a member of the Mediation Commission (Art. 29(4) Statutes).
  2. The Juridical Commission can, together with another organ, activate the Mediation Commission (Art. 29(8) Statutes).
  3. Working formats of every Organ have to be submitted to the Juridical Commission (Art. 38(3)).
  4. The Juridical Commission supervises the counting of the votes (Art. 7(4) WFA).
  5. The Juridical Commission decides on the admissibility of amendments (Art. 7(5) WFA).
  6. The Juridical Commission helps to decide on the order of voting for contradicting proposals and amendments (Art. 7(6) WFA).
  7. The Juridical Commission supervises the election procedure (Art. 8(1) WFA).
  8. The Juridical Commission assists the Chairperson (Art. 10(3) WFA).
  9. The Juridical Commission is responsible for election procedures and counting the votes (Art. 10(9) WFA).
  10. The Juridical Commission verifies the statutes of Contact Antennae (Art. 2(2)(1) Antennae Criteria) and receives a copy of their registration data (Art 2(3) Antennae Criteria).
  11. The Juridical Commission verifies the statutes of AEGEE Working Groups (Art. 3(1) Working Group Criteria) and receives a copy of their registration data (Art 3(3) Working Group Criteria).

The JC can appoint subcommissioners (subcommies). They are elected through internal procedure.