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The ordinary members of AEGEE-Europe are the AEGEE Local associations or just the AEGEE Locals. They present associations, registered in the different European countries, linked with AEGEE-Europe and fulfilling its aims and activities on local ground. The AEGEE local forms part of the European network of AEGEE and accepts the rules of AEGEE-Europe as binding for itself.The AEGEE local is a democratic, secular, non-profit organization not linked to any political party. It promotes European co-operation among students.

IMPORTANT: The AEGEE Locals are subdivided between Contact Antennae and Antennae. The Antenna status is the top level in the hierarchy and the status of Contact Antenna is one of the requirements to achieve it.

To become AEGEE Local and thus a part of the extensive AEGEE Network it has to fulfill a number of requirements divided into 3 Steps.

STEP 1.  Documents

To obtain the status of AEGEE Local, you should prepare and send to AEGEE Europe the following documents:

  • A LIST OF AT LEAST 10 MEMBERS who are establishing the new antenna. This list must include their full contact details: name, telephone number, email, date of birth and where possible also home addresses. (send to Network Director)
  • A DRAFT PLAN / PROGRAMME OF ACTIVITIES which you are planning to do as soon as you obtain official status of AEGEE antenna. This should contain a list of activities planned every season/month covering one year which need not be very detailed. This activity list shows the intentions and basic one year schedule of the local. (Send to Network Director)
  • A COPY OF THE STATUTES that will be used for the new AEGEE Local. It must be in the language of the country where the new local will be created (the original version of the Statutes). Also, you should send a TRANSLATION OF THESE STATUTES IN ENGLISH. (to juridical@aegee.org)

Once all this data is sent, all documents will be checked and the Local can be asked or suggested to make some additions or modifications, all according to the principles of AEGEE-Europe.

STEP 2.  Convention d’Adhesion

When all documents are sent to the Juridical Commission and it gives its approval, the new contact will be asked to SIGN THE CONTRACT with AEGEE-Europe – “Convention d’Adhesion” (CdA). The CdA is to be signed by the current President of AEGEE-Europe from one side and the President of the contact from the other side. Delegation of the signing right is not accepted. The signatures are verified by the President of the Juridical Commission.

The usage of the name and logo of AEGEE is only permitted after the signing of the Convention d’Adhésion with AEGEE-Europe. This permission expires if the Convention d’Adhésion is terminated. If the Convention d’Adhésion is terminated, the AEGEE local has to dissolve.

The signing of the CdA means that the local officially accepts all the rules of AEGEE-Europe and joins the AEGEE-Network.

The CdA can be signed at two different occasions:

  • at a Network Meeting
  • at an Agora

STEP 3. Registration of the new Local

After the signing of the CdA contract,  WITHIN 6 MONTHS the statute of the new AEGEE Local is to be REGISTERED either at the Registry Office of your city or your region.

This is very important for the proper functioning of the new Local and it is also a condition for remaining an AEGEE Local.

When you have successfully registered your Contact Antenna, you need to send to the Juridical Commission the following information:

  • the Registry’s Name
  • the Registration Number and Date of Registration
  • A copy of the registered statute (either scanned or paper)

! Welcome to the Network !

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