How to draw a proposal

General Guidelines for drawing up a proposal for CIA modification

  1. Upon deciding to make a proposal, keep in mind that you can only prepare ONE proposal PER TOPIC. This excludes “packet proposals” that contain all sorts of changes about too many different things. They cannot be accepted.
  2. Trace all the relevant parts of the CIA that are related to the change you want to bring about with your proposal. Read very carefully these parts of the CIA.
  3. Make sure that the change you want to propose is not something already mentioned in the CIA. In case you have doubts, ask the Juridical Commission to inform you.
  4. All proposals are submitted through the online voting system, therefore go to and log in with your intranet account.
  5. Go to “My proposals” and click on “New Proposal”.
  6. Fill in all the required fields, and save. Now you can set the changes you want to make in the CIA directly in the system. Since Agora Enschede, you are first required to save your proposal as a draft. Since there is no such option in the system, you can just save your draft as is is and the Juridical Commission will publish it for feedback.
  7. Wait for the feedback from the Network and consider all the changes. Since you can not make them yourself contact the Juridical Commission for help.
  8. After the Deadline for the final submission passes (1 month before Agora), the Juridical Commission will review all the proposals and contact the proposers stating their decision or suggesting improvements.
  9. The Juridical Commission makes their final decision and proposals are published in a booklet.