Application Reminder

Dear prospective applicants,

We would like to remind you that the deadline to submit your candidatures for the open positions on Agora Enschede is March 25th 23:59 CET. The address to apply is

Note that it is favourable to candidate with your Intranet account. This will allow you to edit your application after the deadline as well as to protect it from any violations by mischief-makers. Continue reading “Application Reminder”

Proposals Acceptance Ended

Thank you for all your submissions! You will be contacted after we check them. Please, allow us a term of one week until we can study and peruse every one of them. You will be notified whether yours is/are approved or not. In case there are contradictions, we shall inform you about them and guide you through.

The New CIA

The new 22.1 edition of CIA is now available! You can grab your copy from the download button below. This version has been updated with all the changes, approved by the Autumn Agora Skopje 2011, held in Struga in October.

We would like to thank to all of you, who contributed and helped us!


[button link =”” type=”icon”] CIA v.22.1 (Autumn Agora Skopje 2011)[/button]

EBM Reform

On the Agora Skopje 2011 the concept of the European Boards’ Meeting was changed. The purpose was revised, the number of the participants is tangibly decreased and even the agenda is restricted. Moreover, the name is a subject of discussion. This reform proves to be one of the substantial ones in the AEGEE history.

The present Juridical Commission (under the co-ordination of Atanas Nachkov) has developed a document, where the old regulations are compared with the new ones and the introduced changes are described. Our aims are to help the organizers of EBM-Izmir with the preparation and try to answer the questions coming from the AEGEE Network. Continue reading “EBM Reform”

Weekly JC skype meeting

The present Juridical Commission has decided to introduce open skype meetings for the whole AEGEE Network. They will be held every Sunday* from 14:00 – 15:00 CET. If you have questions regarding the CIA and the legal matters of the Association or you just need our help, we will be there to assist you. Please check the Contact section for our co-ordinates.


[box type=”warning”] *We reserve our right to change the time at any moment without prior notice. In such case, we will publish it as soon as possible on this website.[/box]