Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Mediation Commission AEGEE- Europe

  • Of whom does the Mediation Commission consist?

    The Mediation Commissions does consist of a maximum of 4 AEGEE members chosen by the Autumn Agora for the term of one year. Each member should receive at least 50% of the total amount of votes. Furthermore the President of the Juridical Commission is automatically a member of this Commission. The last member is the CD observer; who is appointed by the CD internally. This CD observer has no voting rights, but will act as an advisory person.

    The President of the Mediation Commission is the person who got the highest amount of votes during elections.

    None of the members of the Mediation Commission after being may not accept or keep any other position in any of the following bodies for the duration of their term: Comité Directeur, Audit Commission, Juridical Commission, Network Commission as well as a position in the board of any Working Group or Supporting Committee, Antenna and Contact Antenna.

  • When does the Mediation Commission act?

    Activation for a case is according to CIA Article 26(6) for those actions that require sufficient and legitimate action to reach a clear and coherent situation for all members of AEGEE Europe.

    Decisions made by the Commission have immediate effect and need to be ratified by the next Agora. If the Agora does not ratify the decisions and sanctions made by the Mediation Commission, the sanctions will be repealed retrospectively. In this case the Mediation Commission cannot judge the same ordinary member again for the same complaint.

  • When does the Commission NOT act?
    • (a)In cases that can be solved by either the Network Commission, Audit Commission, Juridical Commission or Comité Directeur separately.
    • (b) When there aren't two of the above mentioned organs coming forward with an official request.

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