Mediation Commission

The Mediation Commission is responsible for making decisions in all cases, when activated, in which an ordinary member does not comply with the terms of the Statutes, the Convention d'Adhesion, the Working Formats or other binding rules of the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense and which thus can lead to disciplinary sanctions. Necessary sanctions must be proportional to the severity of the violation. The Mediation Commission shall strive for amicable settlements in all cases before considering further disciplinary sanctions.

The Mediation Commission will also act as the Ombudsman for cases concerning data privacy as regulated in the Data Privacy Statement and Annex 1 of the Corpus Iuridicum Aegeense.

The Mediation Commission can be addressed by any person or body in AEGEE in order to act as a mediator. If this request is accepted by the Mediation Commission, it acts with an advisory function, but has no power to take decisions. No formal request is needed in this case.

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